Mike & Heather’s Bed & Breakfast Wedding

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We had the great opportunity to work at Lillian Farms with Mike & Heather at their spring wedding at this great Bed & Breakfast. The staff there was stellar, and they even had a carriage ride from the Hidden Oasis Carriage Company come out for the Bride to be introduced in. She loved it, and they were some of the most courteous people too.  After the event they even passed along a couple of emails to us.

I just finished downloading the pics and I wanted to let you know how truly BEAUTIFUL the pictures are!!!  They really are!  I’ve been doing weddings with the carriage since 2004 and it’s very rare to find a photographer who takes advantage of having the carriage there, let alone one who does it so beautifully.  Thank you for taking such AWESOME photos!!  I’m excited to have the opportunity to use them! (and give you credit, of course!) *big grin*
If you’re ever in Downtown Bryan on a First Friday, please let me know.  It would be our honor to give you a carriage ride around Downtown. 🙂
And when she had the chance to set up at The Bridal Show she even passed along another email to let me know she’d be featuring our photo below in their booth!
You rock!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!  I plan to highlight this photo at the bridal show’s booth table. I’ll let you know 🙂 

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