What colors should I wear to my engagement shoot?

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Okay, I’m going to literally run from dressing for seasonal colors. Except if it’s Christmas time then everybody should bring at least one tacky Christmas sweater – then you’ll be my hero.

Really though, what colors should you wear to your portrait sessions? What outfits are good for photography? I always encourage blue-jeans – because everybody looks good in blue-jeans and they come out great for really saturated photos with deep colors. Then we’ll usually have one outfit change (guys love calling them outfits by the way 🙂 into something a bit more dressy – maybe a button down for the guy and a skirt? It’s absolutely up to you what to wear.

What to avoid.

1. Super matchy outfits. I’m not talking about both wearing black shirts, that’s totally fine. I’m talking about those really overdone outfits, especiallly bright reds. Camera’s can do great things these days, but reds are probably the hardest for a camera to capture, avoid these (they are an okay accent, deep reds are fine – it’s the stop sign red that can make it a bit more difficult.

2. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re wearing very very dressy clothes that maybe you don’t feel the best in then it’s going to show in your pictures. So be true to yourself and wear something you already feel confident in.

3. Be careful with the mini skirt. You’ll be sitting down sometimes so maybe you’ll need to consider where you’re shooting and bring according clothes. I’m all for the mini-skirt (my wife tells me they’re a really big deal), so just think about it a bit before you make that your primary outfit!

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