Funniest Wedding Invitation Ever

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Okay, there’s some humor that comes along with a wedding, but I ran across this a couple weeks ago and it’s quickly taking the cake. Props to whoever made this! Absolutely the funniest wedding announcement I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how bad that would be! Wow! Thank goodness for amazing mother-in-laws who …

How to Choose a Photographer

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Trying to figure out how to choose your dallas wedding photographer? There’s a few things you want to find for sure, and some things you need to beware of. Here’s just a few tips to keep in line: 1. Do you get along? Simple right? You’d be surprised at the …

Nikki : Senior Portraits

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Got to meet up with Nikki a couple weeks ago for her Senior Shoot, and what a chill girl. I don’t think that she has stressed out one day in her life! Very fun, looking forward to shooting your sisters wedding!

Combs Family Photography

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Had a blast shooting with Rusty, Leah, and their beautiful daughter Lila just before thanksgiving. I highly recommend getting a hold of Leah for any organization needs. As soon as we get the new office up and running we’d love to get in a consult with her! Great time shooting …