My Photoshoot Got Rained out. Bummer.

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So your ready to go, hair done, finance’s shirt ironed (we know he didn’t do it, that’s okay – I ironed mine once and it took a good 30 minutes, and still looked like I’d just brought it home from the store), and the sky splits open. We live in Houston, so it’s already 100% humidity, and you know for sure that even if the rain stops before your shoot the sun is going to somehow break the laws of physics and bring the humidity to 120%.

So now what?

Pick another date. Easy & simple, if it’s too gross and rainy out to shoot for your location (ala country fields that are now swamps) then lets get together and pick another day and time.

What if moving is not an option – the wedding is so close, save the dates are due THIS WEEK? Then lets press in. I’m game, and sometimes the weather works in our favor. Like it did her for some Engagement Photos¬†that almost got rained out.


Sometimes perfect is just something other that what we planned for. Totally okay. Or how about some “we-have-got-to-shoot-like-madmen-because-the-rain-water-is-a-coming” (or something probably less sever than that). We did that for the last bit of Chelsie’s bridals, and it was awesome.

Rainy Bridals in Houston Texas

So in short? You need to move it and can? Go for it, there’s a style you’re looking for and lets build that. It’s super rainy, and you don’t know what else to do because it’s a monsoon-ish wall of rain outside? Give me a call, we’ll check out some indoor options as well. :0)


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