What Should I wear for my Engagement Photos?

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Thankfully, I’m a guy & it’s way easy for us. Dark Jeans + 1 dress shirt, and a casual shirt to change into. Done deal.

Girls have it a bit harder though. What do you wear for your engagements? I’ve got some suggestions for do’s and don’ts for you. If you’re only going to be allowed two different outfits make them count. Cover dressy & casual, filling the gaps with accessories.

If possible start your session with dressy clothes. You’ll be the freshest with your hair done up, not sticky & lets face it, getting ready in dressy clothes just takes longer. After those are done you can move to a more relaxed outfit using accessories to close the gap. Use jackets, sunglasses, hats, or different bracelets to change your style without requiring additional outfit changes that cut into your shooting time. That gets you the most bang for your buck!

A jacket is a great way to give more use to each of your outfits


Sometimes it’s beneficial to add in something that speaks to your location.  Recently we took engagement photos at a football stadium (see photos here) and they brought their jackets that supported their favorite teams. Very cool, and it gave them a good something to tie back into the location.


But styles change are changing all the time, and  so should you. Well, you shouldn’t change who YOU are, but you should have the chance to change your clothes during your shoot. That’s how we make it work out too.

Our Engagement Shoots and Senior Shoots both allow for a change of clothes. Want to book a session with us? Click here.

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