Senior Portraits from Fossill Ridge Highschool

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Sometimes life pulls you in different directions. Sometimes you move along with the crowd but meet constant resistance. When you’ve got a God-given talent sometimes you have to fight for what you want. I didn’t get the chance to know Taylor super-well, but my first impression is that she knows what she wants, and she’s willing to fight for what will get her there. She’s kind, but determined. She’s a theater actress.

I get the feeling she has a blast no matter what she’s doing, because during our shoot it was about 250 degrees outside, and miraculously 110% humidity (doesn’t that mean we should have been swimming?) and not one time did she complain. Smiles the whole time.

Graduating from Fossil Ridge High school, she’s just been accepted into Texas State University too, congrats Taylor! Call me when you need some more head shots, because when you’re famous I’m totally going to name drop!









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