Dustin & Amber

Caleb Fleming Misc 3 Comments

Had a great engagement session with Dustin & Amber, what a great couple. Check out the slideshow, set to their song “Canvas” by Chasing Pheonix. CLICK TO PLAY!

Own a Home

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Yeah, owning a great home is a great investment. It’s a super big step and really the “next step.” But that’s not where we are right now. Living in a 3 or 4 bedroom house just doesn’t make sense. We’ll just fill it with things, and it’s just a house. …

Bridal Shoot: Sabrina

Caleb Fleming Bridal 2 Comments

I was out shooting last saturday with just giving us some incredible soft light. God did answer our prayers too, and held that rain off until 30 min after we stopped shooting! To the pictures:


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Allright. Things pile up faster than I can say hooplah. It’s a good thing though right? Everything is a road to what I want to do. And we’ve all got those side jobs we take on to carry us over. That’s how it goes sometimes though – we just get …

Farmers Market

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Yesterday Krystel and I headed downtown, cameras in hand of course, to the Farmers Market to meet up with Brittany Nichole and her boyfriend Edward. How cool is that down there?!  Local farmers sell their produce and plants, while an old black man stands on the corner with his cane …