The life you imagine yourself living is underneath the clutter; laughing at the less-than-perfect, shrugging off the day. The real you – the fun you. The way that your life really is – beyond the grind and responsibilities.
Life can be like a mirror, sometimes it gets in the way of who you really are.  The end of the day brings a person you don’t recognize, except after a plastic cup of wine (we never judge a container of wine). But this isn’t you – you’re a fun life-loving person right?
Sure you are. The real you is there, sometimes life just stands in the way. We’re more than photographers; maybe we are more like window-washers. Even less like windows washers and more of encouragers. Because the real you is relaxed and fun. Lets find that person and make something refreshing together. In your home, our out on the road.
I’m Caleb Fleming, and we should get to know each other. I was born in Odessa, raised in Houston, and apprenticed in Dallas; Though Houston is where our deep roots are put down. I’m proudly married for 8 years, with a 4-year old son (yes, he has a DSLR) and am blessed to be able to work on the most interesting projects and products you’ve ever seen. I’m a starter, a follow-througher. So about that getting to know each other – lets grab some grub and a drink. I’d love to meet you.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found anything that suits you, keep looking.”